Armored cars

The Brazilian Army is responsible for regulating and inspecting all armored vehicles in the country. According to the law "Portaria 55- COLOG" from 06/05/2017 made by the Brazilian Army, all armored vehicle owners need to follow a series of guidelines and registrations and authorizations to own and handle an armored vehicle.

This registration is a document called CR (Certificado de Registro (Registry certificate, translated from Portuguese)), issued by the Brazilian Army, and is valid for 3 years.There are different levels of Shields. Common vehicles usually use level III-A, which protects from shots of guns which calibers are equal or inferior of 44 or 9 FMJ.According to the law of the company, this type of armor is authorized to 250 companies in the whole country and it has to pass a very strict test.Even though the registry is just Worth 3 years, the armored technology is valid for longer.

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