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Sustainable fleet

Safety Transfers utilize sustainable practices to achieve the biggest preservation of the environment, improvements to the Society, and quality to the company.Responsibly and seriously, thinks and acts looking for a better future.

Recycling papers, selected waste, reusing rain water to wash the cars are some of the practices adopted by our collaborators as sustainability measures.

The company uses biofuel to fuel all the vehicles. The renewable fuel significantly decreases the pollutants, besides, we frequently do smog tests in all the vehicles.

Reverse logistic:
We also use reverse logistics, which provides the reuse of materials, and requires manufacturers and consumers to share the responsibility for disposing of product or service waste correctly.

Fleet sustainable vehicles:
We have in our fleet Hybrid and Natural Gas sustainable vehicles, and with future projects in the acquisition of electric vehicles.

The company uses biofuel to supply its vehicle fleet, renewable fuel significantly reduces pollutants, in addition, we carry out frequent pollutant emission controls on all vehicles.