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Armored cars

The Brazilian Army is responsible for regulating and inspecting all armored vehicles in the country. According to the law "Portaria 55- COLOG" from 06/05/2017 made by the Brazilian Army, all armored vehicle owners need to follow a series of guidelines and registrations and authorizations to own and handle an armored vehicle.

This registration is a document called CR (Certificado de Registro (Registry certificate, translated from Portuguese)), issued by the Brazilian Army, and is valid for 3 years.There are different levels of Shields. Common vehicles usually use level III-A, which protects from shots of guns which calibers are equal or inferior of 44 or 9 FMJ.According to the law of the company, this type of armor is authorized to 250 companies in the whole country and it has to pass a very strict test. Even though the registry is just Worth 3 years, the armored technology is valid for longer.

Safety Transfers

Precautions with armored vehicles
Make sure to first close the car Windows before opening or closing the doors. Do not use suction cups of any kind on the Windows. Never use chemicals on the Windows, if for any reason you need to clean it, ask the driver and he will provide you an appropriate fabric.

Aramida is a light fiber fabric of high resistance that perfectly shapes the car's interior, making the car look even more classy and comfortable.

All the infrastructure of our cars are made of stainless steel, such as columns, pillars, roof's outlines, rear view mirrors, and door protection bars.

Our cars have a digital siren system and speakers that work bidirectionally.

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